IRIDA 0.20.1 Released

IRIDA has been upgradec to version 0.20.1.  This version is mostly a developer/bugfix release but includes a couple notable user updates.

Pipeline Error Reporting

IRIDA’s analysis pages have added an error reporting feature to help debug what went wrong with your pipeline.  When an analysis enters the “Error” stage, IRIDA will try to read any error reporting information available from Galaxy to send to the user.  A “Job Errors” tab will be available if IRIDA was able to collect any error information.

Password Security

IRIDA has updated its password security requirements.  IRIDA administrators can now force users to update their passwords on a scheduled basis to be consistent with organizational requirements.  Users are also now unable to re-use passwords in the IRIDA.

SISTR Metadata

The SISTR pipeline is now able to save its analysis results to IRIDA’s metadata system.  When launching the SISTR pipeline, select the “Save SISTR results to sample metadata” option to write the analysis results to the sample.  This will enable users to aggregate their SISTR results in IRIDA’s line list page to view their results in bulk.

You can also save SISTR results in automated SISTR pipelines.  This option is available when creating your project or from the project settings page.

Full IRIDA changelog for this version is available at