IRIDA 0.22.0 Released

IRIDA has been upgraded to version 0.22.0.  This release contains mostly performance improvements and bug fixes but includes a few user features:

Save Analysis Results after completion

Analysis pipeline results can now be saved after pipeline completion. Click the “Share Results” tab on the analysis results page and click “Save to Related Samples”.

Other updates

  • MentaLiST has been updated to version 0.1.9 which includes a fix for downloading cgMLST schemes and a distance matrix and dendrogram output.
  • SISTR will save the following additional fields to the metadata: serogroup, O antigen, H1, H2, and alleles matching genome.
  • SISTR will now run the Shovill assembler instead of SPAdes for a large performance increase.

Full IRIDA changelog for this version is available at