IRIDA 19.05 Released

IRIDA’s 19.05 version is now available for download!  Find the new release at


Updates to the IRIDA cart are the main user feature for this release.  You can still use the cart the same way you’re used to, but behind the scenes it has been rewritten from the ground up to better support pipelines with large amounts of data, and features we’ll be integrating with IRIDA in the future.  Along with these back-end changes, the cart page has been refreshed with a new look.

. On this new page you’ll still see the same list of pipelines, but now it is easier to manage the data within your cart before you kick-off a pipeline.  Watch this page for new things you can do with your samples from IRIDA in the future.

Exporting to Galaxy

The Galaxy export function has also changed with the new cart.  Now when you connect to IRIDA from Galaxy, you’ll be greeted with a banner reminding you that you’re currently exporting files to Galaxy.  Once you’ve added the samples you wish to export to the cart, click on the Cart button and you’ll be automatically brought to the new “Export to Galaxy” page.  From here you can use the exporter as you used to.

Emails on Pipeline Completion

This release allows users to receive emails on completion of their pipelines.  This option can be selected on the pipeline launch page.  Select the checkbox to receive immediate notification when you pipeline completes or if it encounters an error.

For IRIDA Admins

This release changes the way FastQC images are stored in IRIDA, resulting in a large decrease in IRIDA’s database size.  Due to the major change on how these files are stored, this upgrade will take longer to perform than previous upgrades.  If you are an IRIDA administrator, please read the notes at and before upgrading.


For a full list of changes in this IRIDA release, see our changelog at