IRIDA 21.05 Released

IRIDA’s 21.05 release is now available! Find the new release at

Default Metadata Templates for Projects

A default metadata template can now be set on a project. This allows project managers to cusomize the default view of the line list for their users to focus on the most important fields in the project. See how to set a default metadata template for a project in our documentation at

Pipeline launch page refresh

The pipeline launch page has been completely refreshed for this IRIDA release. These changes bring the launch page in line with the styling of the rest of the IRIDA application, improves ease of use, and allows for easier future development of IRIDA’s analysis system.

Updated announcements interface

IRIDA’s announcements system has been upgraded to allow better notifications to users for high-priority announcements. The announcements have been moved to IRIDA’s top navigation bar to provide a system similar to many other popular websites. This update also adds the ability for administrators to add “high priority” announcements which will provide a pop-up display on a person’s next visit to ensure important information is communicated to the users.

Line list performance

As IRIDA’s metadata system gets used in more projects and with an increasingly higher load of metadata, the speed of these pages had been identified as an issue. In the 21.05 release performance of the line list page has been greatly improved. There should be no user-facing changes to these pages, but users should find their metadata tables loading at a much faster speed.

Other updates

  • IRIDA’s CI testing has been moved to GitHub Actions. This will help IRIDA integrate its development process into the GitHub ecosystem, and in the future will help us automate more of our build and release process. See IRIDA’s builds at

For the full list of changes for this release, see the changelog at