IRIDA 21.09 Released

IRIDA’s 21.09 release is now available! Find the new release at

OpenAPI REST Documentation

IRIDA’s REST API documentation has been updated to include an OpenAPI definition, and a Swagger documentation site to help developers visualize construct tools. This page provides more in-depth documetation on IRDIA’s REST API endpoints, parameters, inputs, and responses. See IRIDA’s new REST API documetation at

IRIDA UI Updates

This release updates a number of pages to use IRIDA’s new design libraries including:

  • Create project page
  • Single analysis output files
  • Project activities

Performance and Bug Fixes

This release also includes a number of changes to improve performance and bugs on a number of IRIDA components. Some of these fixes include:

  • Performance boost for REST API and line list pages for very large projects (>5000 samples).
  • Fixing metadata template creation pages improperly displaying a newly created template.
  • Filtering by file, then exporting project/samples table now correctly returns only filtered samples.

For the full list of changes for this release, see the changelog at